Certified organic mixed produce boxes delivered to your door

each week.

Why Buy Certified Organic?

All Go Fleurieu fresh produce is certified organic.

'Australian Certified Organic' (ACO) means your fruit and vegetables have been ensured to comply with Australian national production standards for organic products.

This means the produce has been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO's... so you don't have to worry about these things getting in your bod through your fresh fruit and veg!

And there's more!...Organic is a holistic means of growing and handling food which links to soil, plants, animals, food, people and our environment. It's better in so many ways so GO YOU! for getting some ACO goods in to your shopping. 

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Not on the Fleurieu Peninsula?

No worries!


Check out Girl Friday Organics! Based in the Adelaide Hills Peta (Girl Friday) delivers certified organic produce boxes and other wonderful goods through the Hills and Adelaide metro areas.

Click the button to head to the Girl Friday Organics website.


Happy Customers


Middleton, SA

“We've really loved the convenience and the produce is always amazing!”


Hayborough, SA

“Delivery day is becoming my favourite day of the week. Loving the variety of produce!”


Aldinga, SA

“Loving how easy you make it, and also for making me think outside the square a bit with things I might not normally buy! So cheers for that!”

Delivery Zone

Go Fleurieu Organics are based in Port Elliot and deliver across the Fleurieu and Southern Adelaide region.

Deliveries are FREE across the South Coast, from Encounter Bay to Hindmarsh Island, and all the way up to McLaren Vale. A $5 delivery fee occurs for deliveries outside of this zone.

Get in touch if you have any queries :)

Wash your produce

Whether you get your fresh fruit and veg from Go Fleurieu, the local farmers market or the supermarket, it is important that you WASH it.

You can rinse as you go, soak in water for 15 mins when you get it home or go full hip-kid adding in a little bicarb, apple cider vinegar or essential oils to help cleanse your produce. 

Whatever suits you best, just best to wash.